Annual Reviews


The purpose of the annual review of a pupil’s 'Statement of SEN' is to make sure that at least once a year the parents, the pupil, the LEA, the school and all the professionals involved monitor and evaluate the continued effectiveness and relevance of the statement. There is a requirement for the Local Authority to review a Statement of SEN on an annual basis or every 6 months for a child under 5 years of age.


How we can help? 


We can support parents in:


  •  Preparing a report for the Annual Review indicating the changes that they would like to see in the Statement and the reasons/ evidence why
  •  Sourcing additional evidence  and
  • Attending the Review meeting with the parents


This will be most relevant where parents are looking for substantial amendments to Parts 2 and 3 of a Statement and/or for a change of school in Part 4.

Parents frequently require support at Transition Reviews, either in Years 5 and 6 when planning for Secondary School or from Year 9 onwards when planning for a young person’s future

Specific Aims of the Annual Review  


  • To assess the progress made by the child or young person with regard to the objectives specified on the Statement.
  • To assess the progress of the IEP /targets set at the last review - and to ensure IEP targets are set with due regard to the statement.
  • To consider whether the needs of the child remain as described in Part 2
  • To consider whether the provision described in Part 3 is still appropriate or requires changing 
  • To consider the appropriateness of the Statement with regard to the progress or lack of progress over the past year.
  • To consider whether the young person still requires a Statement.
  • If the Statement is to be maintained the AR can set new targets for the coming year.



The Annual Review Process  


If the young person is not attending school but has a Statement of Special Educational Needs it is the LA that collates the reports and host the review meeting and produces the annual review report

If the young person is attending school it is the School that collates the reports , hosts the review meeting and produces the annual review report


4 Weeks before the Meeting


The Head Teacher invites all participants 4 weeks before the meeting and requests that all reports are sent to him / her at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting 


At least 2 weeks before the meeting 


Reports are circulated 


Review meeting is held


 The meeting shall  discuss and recommend


(a)          Any steps which it concludes ought to be taken, including whether the authority should amend or cease to maintain the statement;

(b)          Any targets to be established in furtherance of the objectives specified in the statement which it concludes the child ought to meet during the period until the next review, and

(c)           Where a transition plan exists, the matters which it concludes ought to be included in that plan.


Significantly if there are different recommendations these should be clearly indicated in the Review Report 


Within 10 days of holding the Review Meeting or the end of the term ( if this is earlier )


The Head Teacher submits the Annual Review Report and all accompanying documentation to the LA, the parent and anyone else he / she considers necessary. If the parent wants to submit additional comments or reports these should be sent to the LA within this 10 day period


Within 12 months of the last Statement Review 


 The LA Review the Statement and writes to parents and the school to inform them of their proposed actions


Actions following an Annual Review      


  • The LA propose to amend the Statement and issue a Proposed Amended Statement ; the parents then have 15 days to respond to the amendments and will have the right of appeal against any of Parts 2 , 3 and 4 of the Finalised Statement of Special Educational Needs


  • The LA write to the parents and tell them that they intend to leave the Statement unchanged. The letter from the LA has to include within it  a statement giving the parent the right of appeal to the Tribunal . The parent may appeal to the Tribunal in respect of Parts 2,3 and/or 4


  • The LA write to the parent stating that they intend to Cease to Maintain the Statement . The parent has the right to appeal to the Tribunal against this decision and to appeal against the wording in Parts 2,3 and /or 4 . The LA MUST continue to maintain the Statement until 2 month period for registering the appeal has elapsed or until the appeal is heard , if the parents have registered the appeal