Appropriate Education for Excluded Pupils

How can we help?

  • Advice on Appeals to the Governors Disciplinary Committee and  the Independent Appeal Panel
  • Liaison with excluding school and LA about alternative provision and/or reintegration
  • Support at visits and interviews at alternative schools ,placements  and colleges
  • Support at reintegration meetings and with reintegration plane
  • Specific consideration of identified and unidentified Special Educational Needs and Disability or Racial Discrimination
  • Preparation of paperwork, representations and statements for the Governors and Independent Appeal Panel Hearing. Advice on witnesses
  • Representation at the Hearings
  • Advice on further steps: Local Government Ombudsman and Judicial Review


Fixed Term Exclusion: First 5 days


For the first 5 days the school should set work for the pupil to complete and arrange for it to be marked.


Fixed Term Exclusion: From the 6th Day


The school must arrange suitable full-time educational provision from and including the sixth school day of the exclusion.


Reintegration interview


At the end of an exclusion of a primary aged pupil or an exclusion of longer than 5 days for a secondary pupil the head teacher must arrange a reintegration interview with parents.


Penalty notice for all excluded pupils


Parents can be given a fixed penalty notice of £50 if they allow an excluded pupil to be in a public place in the first 5 days of exclusion during school hours without good excuse. The penalty payable increases to £100 if unpaid after 28 calendar days, and if this is still unpaid after 42 days the parent will be subject to prosecution for the original offence.

The pupil may also be removed from the public place by the police.


Permanent Exclusion: First 5 days


During the first five school days of a permanent exclusion the school should send work home for the pupil to complete.


Permanent Exclusion: From the 6th day


From the sixth school day of a permanent exclusion, the LA is responsible for ensuring that suitable full-time education is provided to pupils of compulsory school age.


Definition of full-time education


The Department of Children, Schools and Families’ view is that ordinarily suitable full-time education be the same as the number of hours of education the pupil would expect to receive in school.


The recommended minimum hours per week of taught time are as follows:

Key Stage 1:         21 hours

Key Stage 2:         23.5 hours

Key Stage 3/4:      24 hours

Key Stage 4 (Y11) 25 hours