Fixed Term Exclusions


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  • Advice on communicating with the Head Teacher and Governors
  • Advice on the interplay between Exclusions, SEN Framework and Disability Discrimination and Equality Duties
  • Preparation of paperwork, representations and statements for Governors Disciplinary Hearing
  • Representation at the Governors Disciplinary Hearing
  • Support in the Reintegration Meeting
  • Training for parents, schools, Governors, Appeal Panel members and Local Authorities


Head Teacher must write to the parent within 1 day of the exclusion advising, amongst other things, of the length of the exclusion, giving the reason for it , arrangements to be made for the pupil’s education and the right of representation to the Governors.

School must set and mark work for the first 5 days of the exclusion.

From the 6th day of exclusion the school has a responsibility to arrange suitable full time education.

A Reintegration Meeting must be arranged for any primary school pupil who has been excluded or for any secondary school pupil excluded for longer than 5 days. 

A Head Teacher can used fixed term exclusions for no more than 45 days in any school year.

If the pupil ‘s exclusion means that they would be excluded for more than 5 school days in one term or the pupil will miss a public examination the Governors must be informed.

For a fixed term exclusion of between 5 and 15  days the Governors must convene a meeting ONLY IF THE PARENT REQUESTS A MEETING.

For a Fixed Term Exclusion of more than 15 days in one term the Governors must convene a meeting between the 6th and 15th  day after the letter informing them of the Exclusion.

Pupils can be fixed term excluded for an one off event or for breaches of the school’s behaviour policy, including persistent disruptive behaviour. Exclusions should be for the shortest time necessary. Only the head teacher, or teacher in charge of a PRU can exclude a pupil.


Lunchtime exclusion

Lunchtime exclusions are counted as one half of a school day.

Lunchtime exclusion for an indefinite period, like any other indefinite exclusion, would not be lawful.