Illegal/Unofficial Exclusions


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  • Advice on change of school or “ managed moves “
  • Advice on the interplay between Exclusions , SEN Framework and Disability Discrimination and Equality Duties
  • Training for parents , schools, Governors, Appeal Panel members and Local Authorities


There is no such things as an “informal“ or “unofficial“ exclusion. All exclusions should be official.

Informal or Unofficial Exclusions are illegal even if the parents agree to them

 Pupils should not be sent home for part of the day to “cool off” .This should be recorded as exclusion

There are certain circumstances where a child can be sent away from the school site which does not qualify as an exclusion .I.e.  : Removal of pupils on medical grounds or Removal of pupils from school in exceptional circumstances - An example is where a pupil is accused of committing a serious criminal offence which took place outside the head teacher’s/ teacher in charge’s jurisdiction or where there may be insufficient evidence to warrant exclusion.