Permanent Exclusions

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  • Advice on the interplay between Exclusions , SEN Framework and Disability Discrimination and Equality Duties
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  • Training for parents , schools, Governors, Appeal Panel members and Local Authorities

A decision to exclude a child permanently is a serious one. It can either be for a one off event in exceptional circumstances or for  persistent and defiant behaviour.

Usually it will be a final step in dealing with disciplinary offences when a wide range of other strategies have been tried without success.

A child remains on the roll of the school until all appeal procedures have been exhausted or the parent informs the LA in writing that no appeal or further appeal will be brought.

During the first 5 days of a Permanent Exclusion the school should send work home for the pupil to complete.

 From the 6th day following a Permanent Exclusion the LA is responsible for ensuring that the pupil is provided with an appropriate full time education.

Other than in the most exceptional circumstances a Head should avoid excluding a child with a Statement of SEN and should make every effort to avoid excluding other students with SEN.