Who We Are

We are experts in supporting parents and carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Advocacy and Mediation Consultants Ltd was founded by Fiona Slomovic.

We are specialists in supporting parents and carers in ensuring that their child's additional needs are met at home, at school and in the community.

We negotiate with schools, social services and Local Authorities to ensure that children's needs are correctly identified and provided for. If necessary we support parents and carers in appealing to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal.

Fiona Slomovic holds an MA from Oxford University and, following a career in finance, has worked in the area of Special Educational Needs with schools, parents and voluntary organisations for the past 12 years. Most recently she was Project Manager for the Advocacy Service at Elfrida Rathbone Camden where she specialized in Special Educational Needs, Social care, Tribunal Representation and Inclusion Advocacy. She has previously worked for IPSEA . Fiona ia a member of Education Law Association and sits on the London and South East User Group for the Special Educational Needs Tribunal . She previously sat on the Tribunal User Group advising on the new Rules and Practice Directions and delivered training for the Ministry of Justice on the introduction of the new Rules to LAs, voluntary organisations and parent partnership services. Fiona also sits as a Lay Member Adviser to a Research Ethics Committee in the NHS. 

What We Do

Providing independent, accessible and expert advice in the worlds of education, social care, family disputes and the justice system.

  • Advocacy and Mediation Consultants Ltd provides a proactive and independent service accessible to parents and carers, young people, schools, local authorities and private organizations.
  • We aim to establish good practice in communication and joint working for families faced with challenges, break-down, additional needs and disability.
  • We also offer positive solutions for the resolution of disputes between individuals and organizations via the negotiation and mediation of conflict and difference.
  • Our work extends to the areas of health, education, criminal justice, family disputes and social care by offering support and advice, independent and impartial information so that clients are able to make informed choices.
  • We provide independent advocacy and mediation, tailor-made advice and packages,  training to parents and carers, young people, schools, Local Authorities, private organizations and public service providers.

What We Believe

  • We believe in the resolution of conflict and disputes through an informed, independent and collaborative approach.
  • We believe in the right for people to have independent advocacy and mediation to facilitate the making of choices and to have their voice heard.
  • We believe people should be supported to make positive changes in their lives and seek the most appropriate support and provision.
  • We believe that early intervention which establishes open and honest lines of communication leads to the best outcomes.

How We Work

  • Whilst recourse to the Courts, Tribunals and Appeal Panels may be necessary in some cases, we believe that in many cases, skilled advocacy and mediation can facilitate mutually acceptable outcomes for individuals, parents, children, couples, schools and organizations. We seek to take the stress out of negotiations and offer honest, straightforward and expert advice to deliver better outcomes for people experiencing conflict.
  • We offer support by giving telephone, email or face to face advice. We offer support and advocacy in meetings, appeals and tribunals. We provide formal mediation, facilitated by experienced and accredited mediators; together with the opportunity to have informal mediatory dialogues to support the resolution of disputes. We offer training designed to empower families, to support good practice approaches for professionals, and to support and advise institutional policy.
  • We offer a full Tribunal service with all paperwork prepared for the Tribunal , liaision with schools, witnesses and LAs and representation at the Tribunal Hearing.