Secondary Transfer Timetable



Year 5  Annual Review

Transition Review

Is the Statement accurate and up to date ?(This Statement will be used for Secondary Placement consultations with schools)


What provision or type of provision is recommended by professionals? 



Approx September In Year 6  

LA request parents preference for a maintained school or ask for representations for an independent or non maintained school

Parents need to make a decision whether to submit detailed representations or just fill in the form


Parents need to visit range of schools



September – November in Year 6

LAs formally consult with parents preferred schools AND schools the LA wish to put forward 

LAs MUST consult with any maintained school the parents have expressed a preference for but DO NOT have to consult with independent or non maintained schools


Schools consulted issue a response to the consultation to the LA. The Head / Teacher may ask to visit the child



Approx November in Year 6  

Most LAs hold a Secondary Placement Panel

Based on the parents preference , schools response to consultation and availability and cost of spaces LAs decide which school should be named in Part 4 of the Statement



By February 15th In Year 6

LAs must issue a Finalised Statement naming the Secondary Placement




Within 2 Months

Parents have the right to appeal to SEND about the contents of the Statement ; Parts 2,3 and 4




By July in Year 6

SEND hear the appeal