Timeline For Statutory Assessment and Statementing


Week 0

Parents /School apply to the LA for Statutory Assessment

  • If the School has made the application they inform the parents that they have done so.

Week 6

LA respond to Parents

  • LA agree to carry out a Statutory Assessment
  • LA refuse to carry out a Statutory Assessment. Parent has the right of Appeal to the Tribunal

Weeks 6–18

LA carry out Statutory Assessment

  • LA write to parents and professionals and ask them to produce written “ Advice “ within 6 weeks
  • Week 16 ; LA have collected all Advices and decide whether or not to  issue a Statement of Special Educational Needs

Week 18

LA either:

  • Issue a Proposed Statement of Special Educational Needs. Parents have 15 days in which to respond with written representations or to request a meeting with the LA . Parents express their parental preference or make representations for their choice of school
  • Inform the parents that they will not be issuing a Statement and issue a Note in Lieu . Parents have the right of Appeal to the Tribunal

Week 26

LA issue a Final Statement

  • Parents have the right to appeal to the Tribunal if they are not satisfied with the contents of Parts 2 ,3 and 4

Within 12 months

LA review the Statement (Within 6 months for  a child under 5)