Tribunal Timeline

Tribunal appeals that do nto involve a phase transfer are currently listed for Hearing 20 weeks after the date of registration . However the Tribunal is considering reducing the timetable for the less complex appeals to 10 -12 weeks;eg refusal to assess or refusal to issue a Statement  . We await notification from the Tribunal service about this decision

For Secondary Transfer the LA MUST issue a Final Statement naming the Secondary Placement by February 15th in Year 6 . From 2011 the Tribunal have stated that they wish to ensure all Secondary Transfer or Phase Transfer Tribunals are concluded by the end of July. Thus they will be offering parents shortened time periods in which to submit evidence and aim to hold hearings 10 weeks after registration

 The parents MUST register an appeal with SEND within 2 months of the date on the letter accompanying the Final Statement if they wish to lodge an Appeal. The 2 month deadline is from the date on the letter accompanying the LA decision and NOT the date on which you received the letter  


Week 0

Parents Register the Appeal with SEND

  • ·         Parent send in letter from LA ,accompanying documentation, Tribunal signed form and Grounds of Appeal .  

Week 6

LA send detailed response to the Appeal to parents and LA  and details of their witnesses and representative

Week 9

Parents send to LA and Tribunal  witness and representative details

Week 16

Deadline for Further Evidence

  • ·         Parents and LA send any further evidence to each other and the LA
  • ·         LA produce a working document

Week 18

LA send negotiated Working document to the Tribunal

Week 20


Week 22




At any time before the Hearing

Parents or LA can submit a Request for Change  Form in order to ask the Tribunal/LA to allow a new request or set up a Telephone Case Management Hearing with a Tribunal Judge


Telephone Case Management Hearings will be held for complex cases or where issues arise during the course of the Tribunal process